May 22, 2022

George R R Martin is still not writing The Wonds of Winter and he is butthurt about fans.

 Remember George R R Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire series that started in the mid 90s and got an HBO adaptation whose last 3 seasons were a shit show because the books weren't finished and the Showrunners had to make shit up to reach an ending? Well he's complained recently about "vicious fans" who write mean stuff like "where's the book" on GRRM's blog posts on how he's doing lots of shit not related to finishing The Winds of Winter, which was getting the final touches back when Mom was alive. So yeah, I've no sympathy for George Slowass RR Martin. 

Yes, back in the pre-internet era, one had to sit down, write a letter, pay for postage and send it. Then the letter would reach the publisher and it would sit on a pile until they reach the author. This excessive hassle was removed with the internet. So, if I wanted to say: For God's sake GEORGIE SLOW AS MOLASSES RR SIT YOUR FAT ASS AT YOUR DESK AND FINISH THE GODDAMNED BOOKS BEFORE YOU DIE FROM A HEART ATTACK MARTIN, I could do so without the filter from having to write a physical letter and send it. The instant nature of the internet has removed some filters that the old school methods of communication had. 

The letter version would not be as succint as the "vicious internet message" but it could be quite as vicious:

Dear George RR Martin:

Based on your recent publications, it appears that work on the Winds of Winter is not being done. The lack on progress on this tome is alarming, due to painfully obvious reasons, but I shall point them out to avoid any obtuse replies.

You are no longer a child of Spring George, Winter is coming and you're in Autumn. Not to mention your massive corpulence, which could potentially overwork your heart. Instead of spending time doing tours,  fundraisers, or other excuses that keep your Twiceman behind away from your desk.

Write, George, write the goddamned books!
Disgruntled fan #8675309

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