May 16, 2022

Diversitiy in videogames, or how Activision-Blizzard practices virtual Eugenics *language*

 In order to fight racism, sexism, homophobia, and all the other evil -isms, Activision made a tool for character design that quantifies certain attributes in order to weed out undesirable attributes, from the attributes they want to keep... that kinda sounds like EUGENICS, which, last time I checked is RACIST AS FUCK!! And after being mocked to Hell and back, the post they made praising the tool was deleted.

How tone-deaf do you have to be to go "virtual Eugenics" in order to promote diversity? Oh wait! This is LITERALLY what the "racist gamers" warned the SocJus Slacktivists would happen when they started demanding representation ON EVERYTHING!! Corporations would only bother filling out checkboxes in order to appease the Twitter crowd.

This is what happens when you DEMAND CHANGES TO BE EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. The laziest solution is reduce everything to numbers and use a cookie cutter approach, where characters will be as deep as a kiddie pool.

Again, what is it with people and DEMANDING everyone to be like themselves? I don't need Lara Croft to be a fat 40-something Latin American to relate to her. I can do so quote easily by playing the game. I don't need to be an African American from Los Angeles to Understand CJ, nor Japanese to understand Ghost of Tsushima. I don't need to be an abandoned child who is forcibly mutated to understand Geralt. Nor do I need to suck people for power like Kirby... 

What we need is more relatable characters that happen to be non-white and where it makes sense to have them. Like say having No Latinos in 950 Japan is not racist. 

We need less 1 dimensional characters whose entire personality  is labels like "non-binary, queer, trans, curvy, with self-diagnosed depression, pronouns are fooneeqlee/fooneeqlah"...  you can have characters that have all those characteristics, but they have to be MORE than these labels.  

We don't need to fill checkmarks. We need compelling and relatable characters, more than anything "politically correct". We need great storytelling, rather than preaching. We need FUN GAMEPLAY over social justice. Sadly, the SocJus minded folks, see games as tools to spread their propaganda (for lack of a better word) they'd argue in defense of Bowser, because Mario stomps on Goombas and kicks Koopa shells instead of the exciting new mechanics/gimmick that the game has. They'd rather whine about Quiet's outfit being too revealing, than discussing how Kojima's anti-nuke message is a bit ham-fisted and somewhat hypocritical.

I'm not saying that you can't have message. I'm saying that the Message should serve its masters: story and gameplay. People tolerate Kojima's preachiness, because he delivers fun games with compelling stories for the most part... (Norman Reedus and the funky fetus ain't one of those) if you're more interested in SocJus than actual gaming, the end product will suffer.

But, at least pretty much EVERYONE thinks that Activision fucked up woth their Virtual Eugenics tool.

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