May 4, 2022

Peacock axed the Saved By The Bell Sequel after 2 seasons

 And it was to be expected. The show was trying too hard to be edgy and not be Saved by the Bell... 

Well, it got canceled... Gee, I wonder why?  On any case there will be no season 3... I blame writing, aesthetics, and "realism" for its death.

The main reason why the new Saved by the Bell failed was by making the protagonist NOT the son of Zack Morris. The reason Good Morning Miss Bliss failed was because the focus was The Teacher. Once the show put the focus on Zack, it became popular. The reason why fans of the original Saved by the Bell tuned in was to see what happened to Zack and friends. Problem is that Zack and friends were not important enough for the new show. The main kid is not even related to ANY of the characters from the original. Hell, she isn't a trickester Garbage god like Zack. This further proves that the team missed the point.

MC attempts ridiculously ridiculous scam. Scam works. Mc doesn't quit while being ahead. Scam backfires/MC gets caught. MC learns lesson. Lesson forgotten, rinse repeat. It's not like I've been watching Saved by the Bell, the original one for the past few weeks. At least they had to seasons and they weren't canceled steqight after release unlike other bastardizations... *cough*Netflix's Cowboy Bebop*cough*

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