May 12, 2022

Super7 Thundercats wave 6 mistake

 Super7 accidentally spoiled wave 6 via email... wave 6 sucks donkey dick. It's pure LJN repaints.

Notice the wave selection? Mumm-Ra, Lion-O, Monkian, and Cheetara. 
-Mumm-Ra who arrived Recently... after 2 years of waiting.
-Lion-O whose reissue from the Thundertank preorder period also arrived recently. And the Mirror Lion-O (another repaint) was in Wave 5...
-Monkian, who also arrived recently. (Waiting for Vultureman to review them together... I have him, he'son the to-do list like Tygra)
-Cheetara, whose original release hasn't arrived to our hands and the sample pics are highly disappointing.

What in the actual fuck!? Who thought this was a good idea!?

Going for repaint/retools of recently released figures is a huge red flag. Lunataks, Thunderkittens, Snarf, Hachiman, Mongor, Safari Joe, Ratar-O, Berbils, Berzerkers, and other characters come to mind as releases far more needed than Repaints... especially from

I don't want to be that guy, but it's not looking good for Thundercats. I get that a "cost saving wave" is a thing, but if a Repaint wave was "this important" it should've been a lot better than this:
-The Hammerhand "Panthro" after he got burnt and looked brown. Toss in a normal head for Panthro repainted in "evil pupilless Look" from the episode Spitting Image which is the origin of rhis figure.
-Stealth Tygra, which would be a clear Tygra featuring the missing elbow pad for normal Tygra and a clear version for Stealth Tygra.
-Spirit of Jaga, which we need him as a variant of Jaga... 

I'm aware that Tygra is kind of a "recent release", but it also allows us to "fix the mistake S7 did with Tygra" and give us one of the 3 Tygras they can do. Third Tygra is the frail old Tygra from Trouble with time. Sadly, Super7 did mirror Lion-O on wave 5, so he stole a slot better used for this wave. I kept it to 3 figures, because an Annointed Lion-O straight after Mirror Lion-O is a bit of a boneheaded move.

So many key characters to make and s7 is blowing their wad on variants...

Wait... You motherfuckers... they all have New sculpted parts... 

-Lion-O has new hairstyle, new claw shield and sword.
-Mumm-Ra has new heads, new left arm, new neck wrappings new headdress and weapons.
-Monkian has new heads, apparently a new loincloth 
-Cheetara only gets new hairpieces and new right forearm.

I'm not going to lie: the timing for these is AWFUL!! Had these been wave 9 figures After we had gotten the Thunderkittens and Snarf, I wouldn't complain much... but at $55 or in Mumm-Ra's case guessing somewhere between $55-$85 getting LESS STUFF than the cartoon versions is a slap on the face. Also an easy skip...
You know what happens when multiple waves become skippable? Lines end prematurely. Right now Super7 can not afford to have multiple skippables.

If these were $35 and Mumm-Ra $50. I could begrudgingly convince myself of getting these.
Also, can we call these LJN styled Lion-O and Mumm-Ra if they don't have these?

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