May 18, 2022

So, I saw Doctor Strange in the MoM...

 And  I can't stop laughing at how dirty it sounds... Doctor Strange was never inside any MoMs. Also, this movie is kinda hard to talk about without Spoilers...

Originally, the movie was meant to be before Spider-Man Return of the Tobey and Andrew. Also, straight after WandaVision. With The good Doctor visiting Wanda as she was astral reading the Darkhold... but COVID-19 and SONY pushed Spidey before Strange in the MoM and the latter got some reshoots.

Xochtil Gomez plays América Chávez... nothing against the kid, but she looked more like Dora the Explorer than América Chávez. She did a decent job WITHOUT yelling Holy Menstruation! But sadly, she's more of a McGuffin than an actual character. 

My biggest issue with the movie is the same as Captain Marvel's... everyone outshines the main character. The same thing happens to Dr. Strange. Wanda steals the spotlight whenever she's on. (Also, there's a very subtle pair of jabs at Full House fans with the plot... using an Olsen to replace anothet Olsen and a scene with two Identical Olsens... you could say they were Olsen Twins...) Mordo steals the spotlight from Dr. Strange, Wong steals it as well. The Illuminati steal the spotlight from Strange. América Chávez steals the spotlight from Strange... Hell, Rachel McAdams' mole steals the spotlight from Dr. Strange... I know it sounds a bit childish to complain about a mole, but that mole has grown a lot since Mean Girls. It could be a tumor. Even the Waste of Flesh... I mean NOT SHUMA-GORATH  stole the spotlight. Speaking of which, Marvel may be losing the Conan license sooner than expected. But Strange playing side character to everyone else is the biggest complaint I have with the movie.

Now if we can get "616" Fantastic Four and X-Men (actually Earth-199999), that would be great... and now we have no excuse for the yellow chair, since we saw it in the MoM. While we are at it we demand a comic book accurate Doctor Doom!! I'm also hoping that there is a Rated-R cut of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, because it most definitely look like Raimi wanted an R-Rated version.

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