May 4, 2022

May the 4th odds and ends: Square Enix sucks, Harry Potter dares to be stupid and stuff.

 There's a Weird Al Yankovic biopic coming starring Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al... sadly is a Roku exclusive.

Now all we need is for Weird Al to do a song where he summarizes the 7 Harry Potter books to complete the circle. 

Square Enix sold pretty much their entire Western library for $300 Million. Studios and IPs... save a few items, everything that wasn't Japanese in origin is now property of what was formerly known as THQ Nordic. The reason for the sale, aside screwing the pooch with Avengers was to promote the blockchain, cloud gaming, and pursue NFT bullshit. Seriously, Square putting so much trust in the cloud is kinda funny... we all know how Reliable The Cloud can be. 

Final Fantasy VII was pretty much telling us how The Cloud is so full of bullshit!! 

Can't save a single girl, can't trust him with your data...

Seems like Justin Lin quit Fast X due to issues with Vin Diesel. I guess we could say he's no longer family. Louis Leterrier seems to be the new replacement director. Some of the issies stem from Diesel wanting last minute changes to the script, Universal sending ghostwriters to polish the script, among others. First thw Rock had a couple of issues a few movies back, now the director quits... maybe there's an issue with groot...

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