Sep 3, 2009

Go Go MMA Ranger!!,186758

Tommy Oliver, The Original Green Ranger, The Original White Ranger, The Red Zeo Ranger, The Black Dino Ranger is joining the MMA. Well not exactly. Jason David Frank, the actor who played Tommy (Best Power Ranger ever.) is joining the MMA. Cool? Lame? Only time will tell... All I know is that JD Frank's got a big target on his head. This time there is no Dragonzord, Tigerzord, Zeozord, or Dino(thunder)Zord. I bet that the MMA fighters will try and defeat the BEST POWER RANGER. Now I leave you with some Jason David Frank action
The MMA battles won't be like this, but it'll be fun to see Tommy fighting again... I mean Jason David Frank... May the Power Protect him... Whoa! I kinda felt like Zordon for a moment there.

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