Sep 10, 2009

A small tribute.

Today I felt like honoring one of the heroes from my childhood. Not He-Man, Spider-Man, or Lion-O. I'm talking about the man, the myth, the legend... The one and only ICHIBAN!!!

Yes, I'm talking about Hulk Hogan. WWE Hall of Famer, Actor, Spokeperson.

Who could forget Thunderlips from Rocky III. Rocky III is pure awesomeness cause it had Stallone, Hogan and T. If Chuck Norris had been in the movie it would've been TOO MUCH AWESOME for our eyes. Stallone then topped it of by having Rambo fighting He-Man... So Hogan was the stepping stone before the apex of Rocky's awesomeness.
We musn't forget that Hogan laid the Smackdown on Rocky Balboa when Rocky WAS in his prime... (The Rock and John Cena didn't get the chance to do that!)

Even the Undertaker (not shown on clip) tried to take on the Hulkster outside the ring and couldn't.

Not even The Gremlins can take on the Hulkster. I also would've ran away if Hulkamania was to run wild on me.

Words cannot describe this...

That is reason enough to drive people to the Dark Side of The Hulk...

Hulk Hogan was Replaced (for a short while) by This Mysterious Character...

I still have no idea who could it be...

Hogan even had his own cartoon...

Not many wrestlers that can say that.
Also on the Videogame WWE Smackdown vs Raw: 2006 there's 3 DIFFERENT Hogans to choose from. So drink your milk, say your prayers, eat your vitamins, etc. and remember that Hulkamania lives on Brother!

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