Sep 24, 2009

A Masters of the Universe Game.

He-Man The strongest man in the Universe needs a videogame.
Sure the MYP 200X He-Man had a game for the GBA and in Europe there was a PS2 or Xbox 200X based He-Man. But unfortunatley that never made it to America so I can't comment on how good or bad it was.

Masters of the Universe Classics or MOTUC have been selling like hotcakes. Is that enough for a MOTU Revival? No. Mattel is treating MOTUC as a niche product. The last attempt at MOTU (200X)suffered from various plagues that led to its downfall.
(Shifting Time Slots on the cartoon, Bizarre Distribution, Bad case Ratios, the redesigning wasn't accepted by a some of the fans, inability to captivate kids, and Oversaturation of He-Men and Skeletors.)

Right now MOTUC is doing great, but on a small scale. It's sad that my favorite toys from my childhood are a niche property.
It's true that GI Joe and Transformers have been constantly on the air and with the toys, while MOTU faded into obscurity and every now and then makes a small whimper.
I say that MOTU needs something to reach out beyond the Niche Collector's Market.
a Direct to DVD Movie could work, but it's a bit hard to grasp the attention of viewers when MOTU's been in obscurity. The possible live action movie could help, but my fears of Hollywood "tinkering" with the franchise might cause me chills.

Comics could work, but comics are still a "Niche Market" unless they're Batman, Superman, Spider-man, or X-Men.
A Videogame might be a solution that could work. The problem is what type of videogame could work for MOTU.
-A Legend of Zelda:TTP meets God of War game for Adam/He-Man?
-A X-men Legends/MUA type of game?
-A Soulcalibur Clone?
-A Final Fantasy Tactics type of game?
-A Traditional J-RPG (Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger) type of game?
-A 2d Fighter (Marvel VS. Capcom 2, Guilty Gear)?
(DO4M on the Forums said this)
There's a lot of possibilities for a MOTU Game.

-The Zelda-esque game could work as an Origin Story type of Game. Telling the Story before he finally obtains the two halves of the Power Sword. The Adam/He-Man dual identity could be played like the Link/Wolf from Twilight Princess. I hate God of War, but the Vocie Acting is superb, since DO4M mentions it I guess that the QTE style boss battles and voice acting could benefit the Zelda-esque MOTU. HAving the Flying Fists Armor, the Thunder Punch Armor and/or the Battle Armor would be cool. Maybe each armor unlocks different weapons for He-Man to use. (Battle Axe for the BA, the Bolos/Mace thing for flying fists, The 200X Mega Punch gauntlets for Thunder Punch)

The biggest drawback of this LOZ type of game is that it'll only have He-Man's POV. Many of us would like to play as other characters other than He-Man. (I don't know if anyone wants to play as Mekanek or Snoutspout, but different strokes for different folk.)

-The X-Men Legends Marvel Ultimate Alliance type of Game
This game would have a lot of potential. The ability to use various heroic warriors in combat against the evil warriors of Skeletor and maybe even the Snakemen makes it awesome.
The game would allow for a rather big roster of both heroes and villains. The story could start with your basic He-man vs skeletro and change into a vs. the Snake men story. (The reason for adding the Snakemen as final bosses is to make a plausible 2nd quest or Another side of the story in which you can use the Evil warriors of Skeletor. That way the story more or less makes sense and it would not feel like it was a rushed bonus pseudo replay value adding gimmick.

The biggest drawback is that most of the MUA costume customization powers would be lost, and that some favorite characters wouldn't make the cut... Mekaneck would be one of those.

-The Soulcalibur type of game could be a nice addition to MOTU because you could use multiple characters.
The story again could be based on telling the tale of both halves of the Power Sword and in the end the join and release it's true power. He-Man or Skeletor could be the second to last boss in the game. It could work in a similar way to the Seigfried or Nightmare are final showdown in Soul Calibur 3. The MOTU "Inferno" could be one of the three "Spirit Characters so far in the MOTU mythos: Demo-Man, He-Ro, or King Grayskull.
Since I'm using Soul Calibur 3 as an idea template a Chronicles of the sword type of game could be used to explore the Great Unrest up until the game's story (using a create a warrior and enabling certain characters from this mode to be unlocked in the main game)

The biggest drawback would be in the amount of story being able to be told and the possibility of contradicting endings, but that is a flaw on fighting games.

-The Traditional J-RPG MOTU would be an interesting game. Here we could get a huge compelling story, being able to visit the whole planet of Eternia while being able to use various heroic warriors. a 3 character team for the battles with abilities based on the characters. Stratos could have a 'Rapture' move (in which he'd pick up one enemy and take it of-screen. If the move fails the enemy would fall and receive damage.) Ram Man could have his obvious Ram attack, etc. He-Man's abilities could vary depending Which Armor he is wearing. (Battle Armor would have a skillset specialized in defense, while Thunder Punch would have a more melee based skillset etc.)

The biggest drawback would be the amount of playable characters wouldn't be that big. 6-10 and it would also depend on how they deal with the whole Adam/He-Man thing. (If only you can get EXP. points as Adam, and using He-Man invalidates the EXP. gain, etc.)

-a 2d Fighter MOTU would bring killer art...MOTU sprites... It would depend on the approach taken. Here they can have pretty much any MOTU character, both heroic and evil warriors, The Snakemen, the Horde, the Great Rebellion, and even some characters from New Adventures of He-Man. If they add the MVC2 team option, it would be madness.

Drawbacks: One of the biggest drawbacks would be the story and conflicting endings. The other would be the balance in gamplay... (there would be none.)

-DO4M did not say this, but I'll go one step further and add my own... MOTU in a Kingdom Hearts kind of game. You control Adam/He-Man and you're aided by two AI Heroic warriors along the way. Each area could have their own specific warrior (Evergreen Forest has Mossman, Avion has Stratos, Fright Zone has She-Ra, etc.) The story could be against the Horde and Skeletor allowing the playerrs to witness a story through both Eternia and Etheria

Biggest drawback is that only He-Man/Adam would be controlled by the player.

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