Sep 6, 2009

Huh? It's just a box. !

Metal Gear is awesome. Solid Snake oozes awesomeness through each of his virtual pores.
A one man army who can infiltrate terrorist infested fortresses and defuse the situation. What's his greatest secret? The Cardboard Box trick.
You can see it on the link or if you're lazy; I'll describe it for you.
-Cardboard Box (Big enough for you to hide in it.)
-Unsuspecting victims.
- Make sure that the box has no bottom so you can hide in it. Also make a small hole so you can look through. If the box has premade handle holes better.
-Hide inside the box and walks stealthily when no one is looking.
-Stop before being caught.
-Once the danger has passed move on.

But in this day an age is unbelievable that someone is able to pull off the Cardboard Box Trick in real life.
OK I was wrong. It can be pulled off. This guy is freaking awesome for pulling that off. I am not praising the guy for being a criminal, but you have to admit that applying videogame logic in real life and succeeding is kinda cool.

Hopefully the next guy who does an awesome act of Videogame Logic applied to real life will be someone on the right side of the law.

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