Apr 2, 2019

Yu-Gi-Oh! The rant...

Yes, it's time to... I'll just let Yugi D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d- do it!

So, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Trading Card game that now funds 1/3* of Konami... the rest is Pachinko...
*= numbers pulled out my ass for comedic value.
I used to play a lot of of duel monsters in my college Years.
If I wanted to use the anime as a reference from my time doing I would say I started drooling around to this Kingdom all the way on the end of GX. I'm back in the day I used to have like around 10:12 decks available with me at all times kind of like Misawa from GX that had like six legs while I have 12:
My favorite deck lost a fiend fiend Beat Down Ojama deck. Basically all I did was pull out High attack  fiends and clog their field with Ojama Tokens. Dark Ruler Hades was basically my main protection for the fiends and Freat Maju Garzett was my big hitter.

My second favorite that was a Kaiba inspired deck... That meant...

Blue Eyes Caucasian Dragons everywhere...

Other decks were:
-Warrior deck
-Fairy LP gaining deck... Highest LP I've gotten was 17200 . Sadly, I lost to a Stall deck, thar forced me to lose via deck out. That inspired me to make a pair of stall decks...
-Insectual Stall deck. A stall deck based on insects.
-Stall/Burn deck, which was meant to decrease the opponent LP via  effect damage.
-A femme only deck, because me-soggy-knee or something.
-Machine deck
-water deck
-Fire deck
-experimental Decks A and B...
Usually these two I rotated often, because these were unofficial slots...
E-Heroes, Spirit Decks, No Monster decks, Different Dimension Deck, etc.

 Thing is that I was practically ready to play Yu-Gi-Oh at any time. If a friend had no dick no problem I had I had plenty so we could play for a while. By the time 5D came up with their synchro summons I was kind of getting tired of the game and I through that time my mom's condition wasn't exactly at her best so I had to pull out from YGO, then we had this tiny little insignificant event that happened at Mattel... the little toy line that I killed was born.

So I could pretty much say that I have been out of the game for nearly 10 years maybe a bit more. I'm still out of the game to be honest... but I saw a little something at a Walgreens that Drew me back in... The last structure deck  I bought was a Seto Kaiba deck... see the pattern?

A new structure deck that is based on the Blue-Eyes White Dragon... so I bought the deck and now after taking a look at it and seeing all the new blue eyes related stuff it's kind of making me want to go back and play Yu-Gi-Oh but things like lack of time, lack of friends who are actually still playing... I mean, I'm almost 40 and there's no way  I'm going to go to a card game shop play against 13 year olds... That would look creepier than Pegasus!!

Also, have you seen the new upcoming Japanese Cosplay Grade Mostly Functional Battle City Duel Disk?

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