Apr 24, 2019

Snake Mountain is happening for real guys!

Everyone had heard the it's coming, it's coming... according to Super7 it really is happening!
$600 + shipping handling and taxes... Preorders will have 31 days and a six month payment plan...
3 feet tall, 4 feet wide... this mothereffer is big... I have no idea where to put it and I'm now debating of whether I fulfill my promise to Mom or if I break my word...

I'm hyped about it, but the realities of adulthood are trying to force me to NOT get it. Like, just today, I had to spend $300 on Car maintenance. (I had to dip on my Snake Mountain Funds, which are now at $50, to get it done.) This will end up being an $800-ish endeavor... and when the rational adult side of me thinks about it, well, he starts blaring the alarms and trying to convince me out of it.
(And I'm currently single, so I have to answer to No one... I picture this situation with married, or parenting Adult Collectors, which makes me see how hard it would be for them to commit to this.)

To say that I'm freaking out about this is an understatement, because I'm freaking out about this VERY HARD!!

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