Apr 1, 2019

The Aeris Lounge pics have made me crave FFVII...

So, you know about the pub that is called Aeris Lounge?
The one that I totally have not stopped by to take pics of my FFVII Figures reacting to it...

Nope! I  totally have not weirded out people by doing this... so, thanks to me wasting my own time, I've had a desire to play Final Fantasy VII... and Square Enix is taking their sweet ass time with the remake... I COULD play it on the PC or PS3, but I kinda want to play it on the go... If only there was some legal way to play FFVII and it was portable... that is NOT THE HORRIBLE ANDROID PORT!!

What in the actual Hell is this!? It only took 21.5 years for it to show up in a Nintendo Console...
Also it's  $16... I wish I had known this before my Birthday!!!

Legit and Portable... my mind is blown!

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