Apr 12, 2019

New Lion King CG remake trailer out...

And I'm not impressed. I dound it more underwhelming than Brie Larson's horrible performance in Captain Marvel...

It lacks this je ne sais quoi that the original had... it lacks soul... by going for realism, they took away some of the charm and heart from the original.
And various scenes from the movie will suffer like when Scar plays with a skull Hamlet style, the Timon luau, parts Rafiki's scenes. Some of the songs will suffer as well... mainly I just can't wait to be king, be prepared, and Hakuna Matata.

And that's part of the problem of these live-action reboots well, CGI reboot in this case; they lose all the charm of the original.  Maleficent pretty much changed the entire plot of Sleeping Beauty. Cinderella lost a lot of its charm. Beauty and the Beast lost some of it; okay the movie was decent but it lost the charm of the original. Dumbo well let's not talk about Dumbo and then we have the Will Smith abomination. Lion King is Walking Dead thin fine line between kind of soulless like Beauty and the Beast and completely soulless cash in reboot like Aladdin. And this really sucks because Lion King is the best animated movie Disney has made until THAT movie.

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