Apr 20, 2019

Casting my MCU Sinister Six...

I was reminded of the ULTRA STUPID IDEA of casting Will Smith or Matthew McConaughey as Doctor Otto Octavius... Amy Pascal is a freaking idiot!!

So, that made me think on the whole Luke Skywalker  Doc Ock thing from a few months ago...
Now I want to make a suggestion on who I would pick as The Real Sinister Six
(Vulture, Mysterio, Electro, Sandman, Kraven, and Doc Ock)
Obviously, Vulture and Mysterio are out since they already have Michael Keaton and Jake  Gyllenhaal.

While, last time, SONY wasted the talents of Jamie Foxx, I'd pick a smaller name actor, like Drake Bell. And yes,the laughably bad superhero movie was a huge reason why I picked him... Drake Bell plus green tights he kind of has that classic Electro physique going on...

Plan B choice would be Jim Parsons. He has this punchable face and kind of has that lanky Electro physique.

I have to give credit to the Sam Raimi Trilogy because Thomas Haden Church was the perfect choice for Sandman but new Universe. I cannot reuse actors in the same role so I'll have to look for a new one.

Option A is Liev Schreiber... I know he play that X-Men Origins Sabretooth and the Storm King in My Little Pony but it was the saber-tooth role that Drew me to him. He might be a bit older than what normally it would go but he kind of resembles a comic book version of the character...  I mean he looks more like Sandman then he looks like  like like he does Sabretooth.

Option B: Chris O'Donnell... while he's more of a pretty boy when compared to comic book Sandman he could pull it off. While being on the younger side he could still do some physical stunts required for the character. And yes he was kind of chosen on purpose due to the horrible Batman movies. Part of me wants him to work with Michael Keaton so we could get a bit of the dynamic duo that we never got.

Option C: Daniel Cudmore. I originally was thinking of him as a Kraven but his huge size made me think dude he's Sandman! Not to mention that he's already familiar with superhero movies and he was a sparkling vampire...

This one would be the toughest 2 cast because we need an actor that looks big Bob and it's the hardest character to to add into the universe but we need to have a Kraven so we can have the true Sinister Six.

My first option is Joe Manganiello. I know he's playing Deathstroke on the dceu but that's being crumbling apart so I think we could get him. And no I didn't pick him because he played Eugene Thompson in the Tobey movies. It was his role as Alcide in True Blood that Drew me to him.

My second option is Oded Fehr, but he might be getting a bit too old for the role. I think it was around the time of Deuce Bigalow that I thought he could play a nice Kraven.

My third option is Richard Madden. He's a bit on the younger side but it could work for Kraven. I did pick him over bitch face Snow, because he was under used in Game of Thrones and it's not as familiar as Kit Harington. And they really can't stand Kit Harington you know with his bitch face that he's completely clueless to where the hell he is?

Last but not least, The Man himself:
Doctor Octopus:
Well Mark Hamill already showed interest in the character and I agree that he's a great choice here are my non Mark Hamill options:

Paul Giamatti: let's be frank here he was wasted in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. An actor of his caliber playing a generator like rhino it's a waste of doubt now a brilliant mind like dr. Otto Octavius now that's something more of his caliber he could bring all layers to the tragic story of Otto... if they go for that more human angle off him and not make him a superior prick like the comics. Either way he can pull them off easily.

By the way I hate Agents of Shield so much because they stole Peter MacnNicol away from me being a being able to use him. Especially since he had gotten a bit portlier throughout the years which would have been perfect for Doctor Octopus... and yes in playing Doctor Octopus in The Spectacular Spider-Man was what brought him into a possible spot but Agents of Shield at the ruin it for me.

Another curveball option that floated for a moment was Brendan Fraser. Put the pitchforks and torches down just for a minute. Fraser is a decent actor but he more often does not picks bad movies. I know he retired from acting for a little bit due to health issues which is why this is not going to happen. The stunt work required to play Doctor Octopus could be a bit risky for him especially now that he's gained up a bit of weight. But yeah for a moment I did think of a fat Encino Man as Doc Ock you can Grill me for that.

Wait!! Encino Man... Fat...

Sean Astin!!!

What picks did you like? What picks made you think: I know it's 4/20, but lay off the whacky tobbaccky, Nefty...
Who would you choose?

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