Apr 4, 2019

*RUMOR* MOTUC is dead... because of the movie.

There's a rumor going on that The Stout Wave is the final MOTUC wave and Snake Mountain the final MOTUC item.
This part makes sense. Funko won't be doing any MOTU themed POPs now... Are you seeing the Pattern?
Mattel is picking up the brand in preparation for the movie... no point in having third parties profit from their brand, especially in a movie year...

That part still makes sense... the horrible part is that Mattel ALLEGEDLY is drying the well on purpose to generate an artificial demand for MOTU Product until the movie... so according to this rumor, my cell is purposely stopping all production of Masters of the Universe product for roughly a year until the movie happens and then they'll release their product. This is a dick move by Mattel... well assuming the rumor I wonder how long it'll take for a certain snake to blame me for this.

I should be angry about this (if the rumor is true l but I'm actually okay with it! I mean with Super7's lack of understanding of what the line was about, the delays, that quality control issues, yeah I'm kind of glad it's ending! I know it sucks that we're not getting the entire new adventures, but the hiatus between waves was dragging on a bit too much and the line was being infected by Club Grayskull... and it's better to put it to sleep before it became a shadow of the shadow of its former self.

But at the same time Snake Mountain seems like a fitting bookend to  the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line

Oh yeah I almost forgot. If the movie sucks ass, which most likely it will; we can say goodbye to He-Man toys forever or at least in our lifetime!!
No pressure at all! None whatsoever!!


  1. ok, I get it from a business stand point, it's like when marvel cancelled fantastic four because sony had the rights or something. but movie toys are going to suck, it's just going to be movie versions of the main 5 & maybe some new evil warriors, just like the 1st movie & they won't be motuc scale.

    1. Exactly. Mattel seems to be stuck behind the times in some areas... what little progress they made with the Matty experiment, they are going to turn back the dial and go for 5 poa Happy Meal rejects kind of crap... "which may be fine" with Little Timmy but not with guys like you and me who have spent thoisands of dollars on a mostly well built line with superb sculpt and articulation that follows an aesthetic that is a modernized tribute to the toys of our youth.

      If they had half a... quarter of a brain, they'd make the Happy Meal stuff for kids and Classicized versions for the adults.