Apr 15, 2019

Quasimodo's home is on fire

The Cathedral of Notre Dame is burning.
I'm not French and religiousness isn't my strongest point, if being brutally honest... but this fire has made me sick to my stomach... Well, after it hit me, because at first I was making jokes like this:
But putting the jokes aside, this is how Ireally feel:

The burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame is a huge loss. A piece of religious history has been destroyed. A living piece of historical architecture has been lost. A repository of art has been lost. Whether you disagree with a church or the French culture of the era when the church was built it's still a loss a human history. My condolences to the French and to humanity as a whole.
To be honest I don't know how should I feel about rebuilding or preserving what's left. In one shape or another Quasimodo's Sanctuary must survive!

If this was not an accident, I hope that they catch whoever did this and make them pay.

Now the French will have to stand tall and rebuild, not just the Cathedral, but their philosophy and way of life.

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