Apr 26, 2022

Bad Bunny as El Muerto: SONY is trying to fuck Spider-Man once again.

 While I'm not a fan of Bad Bunny or his "music", this is not an "I hate Bad Bunny and he sucks" rant. This is a "SONY SUCKS FOR CONSIDERING AN EL MUERTO MOVIE"...

Here I am thinking:

Who the fuck is El Muerto?

El Muerto only has 2 Appearances from back in 2006...

Sony is making a movie about some schmuck that only has 2 comic book appearances!?

I can smell the stereotypes from here.
Also, I bet his husband made his costume...

Wow, way to pretend to be diverse SONY! By having a Puerto Rican play a Stereotypical Mexican Masked Wrestler. The character is 16 years old and he practically was forgotten 2 issues after his first appearance. I only found a SINGLE Custom Figure made 12 years ago.

Latin American Spider-Man related characters that Sony could make a movie of???
*laughs in Spider-Man 2099*
*laughs in Araña: Heart of the Spider*
*laughs in Miles Gonzalo Davis-Morales*
*laughs in El Tarantula*

All of these characters have some things that El Muerto does not: actual recognition as characters. They have had multiple comic book appearances, all have had action figures, some have had cartoon and videogame appearances.

This isn't SONY scraping the bottom of the barrel. This is SONY lifting the barrel and scraping the gunk on the floor beneath it.

Please SONY, make him gay so we can have someone make the now homophobic quip by Tobey have a pay off...
Spidey: Nice costume, did your husband make it for you?
EM: Why yes, he did, are you trying toimply something, cabrón?
Spidey: (flustered) No! I was just asking because of the amazing seamwork!

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