Apr 24, 2022

An idea for Todd McFarlane

 Dear Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn:
Your DC Multiverse line is kinda cool, but it has one teensy weensy affluent orphan with  chiropteraphilia problem. The line it's called DC Multiverse, not Batman and some fucking losers.

Well, I have a solution for you:
A Batman themed Sub-line... Not just ANY Batman, but a Cinematic Batman Multiverse line:
Keaton, Clooney, Kilmer, Bale, Affleck, Pattinson, and all their foes. Hell, toss in the 66 stuff as well. 

Imagine Bale getting his back broken by the Schumacher Bane, Batffleck battling the Cesar Romero Joker, Adam West battling The Snyderverse Deathstroke, Michelle Pfeiffer, Anne Hathaway, and Zoe Kravitz battling Eartha Kitt, Lee Merriweather, and Julie Newmar as Chris O'Donnell and Burt Ward watch. Commentary brought to us by the one, the only

Mister Freeze, aka, the Cumming man, Arnold Schwarzenegger!! 
Also, every Joker, including sad mentally ill Joaquin Phoenix beating up alleged pedophile Jared Leto with a crowbar.

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