Apr 16, 2022

Thundercats wave 6 and Silverhawks wave 4 speculation

 Super7 is backed into a corner and must deliver the kids. The next Thundercats wave must have at least 1 THUNDERKITTEN. They ran out of adult Thundercats. Unless they throw us a massive curveball and make Lion-O's father Claudus as a figure:
The usual hands, 3 heads: blind old and blond Claudus, young redmaned Claudus, and a young Jaga head for Wave 3's Jaga. 

I mean, after that all we have is Thunderian civilians and I don't see too many people shelling out $55 for one of many random civilians. 

The second heroic spot can be filled by Hachiman, Willa, a Tuska Warrior, or any of the Thundercats allies... another curveball would be a "super deluxe" Snarf. What do I mean Super Deluxe? I think I already mentioned this.

Holy asscrackers, I just delayed the Thunderkittens for an entire wave... dammit!
For the evil figures we could get:
- A Berzerker. I want to say Top Spin bur knowing my luck, it'll be Ram Bam.
- Ratar-O to complete the Mutants
- A Lunatak
- A random villain like Mongor or Safari Joe...

Dammit, dammit, dammit!! I was hoping for a Thunderkitten on this theoretical wave. Updated Wily Kat or Kit with an alternate head and more accessories? Count me in... 
Well, we have wave 7... they can't escape from getting into a wave now. Watch as Lion-O 2.0 with a sight beyond sight sword of Omens fills the slot...

OK, so Thundercats was a bust! Copper Kidd HAS to be on the Next Silverhawks wave...
Where we should get 2 Mob Members and 2 Silverhawks...
For the Mob, I'm going to say Hardware will be the first pick. He would have 2 roll up bags: The Plastic one rolled up and a cloth roll up bag that can be loaded with accessories and rolled up.

The next member of the Mob would be:
Pokerface because it's the more "normal bodied" Mob Member that isn't Melodia.
Mostly, because I believe that Super7 wouldn't do the obvious Joke of pairing Melodia and Pokerface together...  Especially since Melodia looked like Lady Gaga long before Stephanie Germanotta became Lady Gaga. 

So we got the mob out of the way. What can they do for the Silverhawks now?
Copper Kidd   Flashback and Moonstryker, just because the Universe hates me... and for wave 5 Flashback and Darkstar because the Universe REALLY hates me. Then push the adult Silverhawks in tracksuits...

All jokes aside, Super7's running out of characters to delay the release of the "children" in both Thundercats and Silverhawks.

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