Apr 15, 2022

Green Packaging is good in theory

 Not in Practice. Remember LeBron? Hell even with Plastic Windows we get swaps

I caught this at a KMart and had to explain to the CS Rep AND Loss Prevention employee what was wrong with this.

This I caught at a Wal-Mart. Since I didn't buy it, CS didn't give a crap and 10 minutes later it was back on the shelf. This is one of the new Green packaging sets with the figures barely held by rolled up paper.  As you can see, Baby Yoda has pulled a Vanishing Act... swiped by a kid or a douche who collects. Probably to swap a much better Child with this one.

Now Hasbro wants to go fully windowless for their Plastic Free Package. If we get weird mishaps like a Sgt. FLASH with no hands straight from the factory, how can we be OK paying for a figure, sight unseen and get a 2 left feet Luke Skywalker, an Eye on the chin Generation X Emma Frost, or worse 2 right thigh Smart Hulks... QC is incredibly awful on most figs nowafays... that's not counting what the swapper/swipers can do to them.

This is not about being "environmentally friendly" this is about cutting as much costs as possible. But this stupidity is not exclusive to Hasbro... Mattel is in on it too! Imagine having Matchbox cards inside a box where you CANNOT SEE THE CAR!!
The whole point of these toy cars is to SEE THE DAMNED CARS!! The boxes are as USELESS as a fully blind person's mirror. 

There needs to be a better way to ensure quality product for collectors AND be "environmentally friendly". Going 100% plastic free on packaging is not the way. 

The only ones who benefit from these "Environmentally Friendly" packages are scalpers and scammers. Scammers win by swapping then at Brick and Mortar stores. Scalpers win by buying them in bulk at reputable etailers and reselling online or in person.

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