Apr 26, 2022

It came from the Toy Chest: Antiguos Espiritus del Mal transformen este cuerpo decadente en Mumm-Ra el inmortal!!


Finally after 2 years, 3 months and a couple of days,  I received my Mumm-Ra the Everliving figure from Super7. Tygra too, but this is Mumm-Ra's review. Now 2 years, 3 months, and 20 days later, I'm reviewing him...

I've already reviewed 3 different Mumm-Ra figures so I won't go into detail explaining who this cranky Mummy is. Basically, he ruled Third Earth until the pesky cats fron outer space.

Mumm-Ra: Ancient Spirits of Evil...
Nefty VO: We already know this so SKIP!!

Things to note before the review:
Neck engineering is weird. Instead of having a rounded stump on the neck, it's a flat cut, so articulation is hindered. Also, there is potential for the peg to slide down and render Mumm-Ra permanently beheaded.
Not my Mumm-Ra.
Neck peg slid down and now no head can be attached to him.

His crotch covering attire hinders a little articulation.

He has no dick or balls but he goes commando under his skirt. 

His cape is made of cloth, not plastic or pleather, also it os wired, which allows for some mild posing.

Now let's head to the review:
Mumm-Ra: -The Everliving!
Nefty VO: Yes, yes... now fight the Thundercats!!

Mumm-Ra has standard Articulation. Similar to MOTUC, but with hinged wrists. Like I mentioned earlier, the articulation at his waist is a bit hindered due to his clothing. I also mentioned the engineering issue on his head that makes him unable to look up or down.
Since the cape plugs to his back and wrists, this also hinders movement. The movement is hindered without the cape. Adding it makes it slightly worse.
Mumm-Ra: You can't  withstand my power, cub!
Lion-O: By Jaga! Mumm-Ra's gotten stronger!
Snarf: Lion-O! I don't  like how *snarf!* Ma-Mutt is staring at me!

Paint and sculpt:
For Mumm-Ra, the colors are a bit too bright. I feel like he should've been more grey-ish blue than the bright blue we got. He's somewhere between Skeletor and Faker for crying outloud.
Sculptwise, he looks the part. I have no complaints here other than his skin being too bright.
Mumm-Ra: The Sword of Plun-Darr will destroy the Eye of Thundera!!
Snarf: Oh no! He's chasing me!!
Lion-O: We'll see about that, Mumm-Ra!! Thundercats, Ho!!

Ma-Mutt with single PoA on each leg
Extra head
Extra hands
Sword of Plun-Darr
Mighty Oscillator Regulator 
Personally I would've preferred energy effects like those seen on the intro for Mumm-Ra's hands and chest.

Preferences aside, he does come with a reasonable amount of accessories.
Nefty VO: Seriously, Thundercats should have everything with a mirror finish...

Mumm-Ra gets an underwhelming 4.0 as his final score. His cape tends to pop out of his hands quite easily. It's kinda sad and bordering on pathetic how plagued by issues this figure is. Two years waiting for this!? Not cool, Super7, not cool at all. I know the excuse will be "It WaSn'T uS! tHe MaTtEl FaCtOrY sCrEwEd Up, NoT uS! tHaT's WhY wE cHaNgEd FaCtOrIeS!"
Seriously, Thunderkittens are right now Optional figures since I have Mattel's,  but they and Snarf will be my Final Thundercats figures at this rate... (now watch as I end up ordering from a reseller a hammerhand and the eventual Top Spinner and a Tuska Warrior to have "the ones I had as a kid".)
Lion-O: Wither as your own subconscious feels shame of your wickedness, Mumm-Ra!
Mumm-Ra: Ma-Mutt, come to your master...
Snarf: Come back here you mangy *snarf!* mutt!!

It's rather sad that this is "our Mumm-Ra". Any fixed version will be an $85+ slap in the face. Now I'm almost tempted to buy a Pumm-Ra and not for Lion-Jesus jokes...
Lion-O: The Code of thundera prevails once more, Snarf...
Snarf: Lion-O, look! I found the thing-
Lion-O: Shut up you fuck!!

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