Apr 8, 2022

The slap saga keeps getting better and better

 While it's been over a week since the Fresh Cuck of Bel Air slapped Chris Rock, a lot more interesting tidbits have come out.

-Will Smith used Serena and Venus williams' father as a defense in his "apology", something that Richard Williams has criticized. (Williams is not exactly a saint, but wants nothing to do with will Smith)
-Will resigned from the Academy and is getting projects canceled left and right.
-Now Jada claims Will overreacted and that he shouldn't have done that. Essentially throwing him under the bus by distancing herself from Smith.  

So let's recap:
Chris Rock did nothing wrong:
He compared Jada with GI Jane. You know, the movie with Demi Moore, where she has to become a Navy SEAL to prove that women can be as tough as men. Where her character overcomes the challenges thrown against her as a strong fighter. Where is the insult in that?
Sure both women have their heads shaved, which is a dumb superficial analysis. This is the part where y'all scream:

"ShE hAs AlOpEcIa, A mEdIcAl CoNdItIoN"... yes, it's  called baldness. Tons of men and women suffer from it. It's not a deadly nor debilitating condition. Not curable, but easily hidden by wigs. There are various types of alopecia. People have quickly tried to claim she has alopecia areata, but I'm going to propose a different type of Alopecia...
First, there have been rumors about Jada going under the knife for face-lift, botox, and other treatments as she got close to her 50s. The stripe of baldness that her alopecia revealed is suspect, according to Dr. Gary Linkov. 
Before I knew of this stripe and what it could possibly mean, I suspected Traction Alopecia, a version of Alopecia caused by tight hairstyles pulling on the scalp like cornrows, ponytails, weaves  etc. JoJo Siwa, who is young and white, suffers from traction alopecia due to her signature hairstyle. Guess which famous black actress has had hairstyles that pull on her scalp? Jada Koren Pinkett-Smith. She has also straightened and dyed her hair, which damages existing hair. Traction Alopecia is far more common in African American women. 

This video is 2 months old, making it older than the slap.

Wanna guess what's the First possible kind of Alopecia the Doc mentions? Traction Alopecia. The second type he mentions is Stress based hair loss. Not going to write the medical term, but with the whole "Entanglements" and other things that people have mocked about her (like her awful parenting or her tantrum at the 2016 Oscars for snubbing Will) could be another source of hairloss. The third one is Androgenic alopecia... the one where older women begin to lose their hair or it thins out... You know what kind the Doc doesn't mention Alopecia Areata, which is the one the people have tried to claim she has. The immunological one...

While she is suffering from hair loss, all signs point out at her hairloss not being alopecia areata. If it's the Androgenic Alopecia, well that's due to age... 
If it's Traction Alopecia, well, that's her fault for abusing her hair.
I mention this because there is a narrative spin being used where she's the victim here. She is not. 

She got a buzzcut and Rock commented on it by referencing a strong woman who had one too. It wasn't a jab at her possibly self-inflicted baldness.  It was a tame comment for Chris Rock standards. In 2016 he was a lot harsher when he mocked Jada's attempt at a boycott of the Oscars.

This was harsher, but at the same time, he's correct. Jada's attempt at a boycott because Will was not nominated sounds more of a case of Sour grapes than anything. Chris Rock mocked both the lack of diversity at the Oscars and Jada's entitlement in one speech. Her Oscars boycott would've made more sense if sje didn't have a horse in the race.

Now the only incident I can argue it was mocking Jada was the one in the 90s when jada was a speaker at a  million women march, that was parodied by Chris Rock on his show. Buuut Jada had been on the show AFTER the parody and she was pretty chill about it with Chris Rock.

Not to mention that they've worked together in 3 Madagascar movies. So there has been a relationship throughout the years... guess this is the final nail in the coffin for Madagascar 4.
Point is that MAYBE, JUST MAAAAAAYBE, The Fresh Cuck was jealous of this platonic relationship between them... as he was of 2pac. Remember that 2Pac was Jada's platonic love, but he wanted more. I mean, even Willow Smith, daughter of Will and Jada, wrote a letter to 2pac to come back to Jada so she can be happy. So putting things in perspective: Will, being afraid of the Ghost of 2Pac and seeing his wife be friendly with Chris Rock,  also being destroyed by the Entanglements, he needed a chance to prove his worth as a man.

While Jada might not have enjoyed the GI Jane joke, Will saw a guy with whom she had been friendly for years and had a relationship where they could rib and roast each other, and that made Will Jealous...because he knew where this "happines" could lead to:
Another 2Pac, or an Entanglement. He lost his cool and did what he did. He wouldn't have done it to August Alsina, because of a few things:
-He's much younger and he would totally fight back.

-He's a young rapper. We know the sterotypes of young rappers "being gangsta" and Will being, well Fresh Prince (a joke in the hip-hop community, despite his copious achievements)

-Hitting Alsina could lead to more Entanglements...

-He wasn't there.

Will's fit of rage was an opportunistic attack on a target that seemed "weaker". He tried to justify it with the whole "protector" excuse. I also understand that his dad was abusive towards his mom and his impotence as a child, did some damage on the man... (add Jada's gaslighting and manipulative behavior) what he did was an overreaction and was wrong.

I still stand with my theory of Jada being the ultimate villain here while Rock and Smith are victims... even if Smith Assaulted (according to the law... because that was the wimpiest slap ever) Rock. 

Will Smith's in need of a divorce and a ton of Therapy.  Also he would need tome to properly reflect and give Chris Rock a proper apology and not a "Don't take away my Oscar apology".

Chris Rock is in need of an apology from both Will and Jada, since this was all her fault.

Jada is in need of a shit ton of Therapy because her behavior is messed up as hell... also a wig or some of those beautiful headdresses that some women with alopecia (does not matter which type) use.

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