Apr 23, 2022

Jem and the Holograms Ultimates: would it be Outrageous?

 I'm not so sure about the figures, but the prices from Super7 will be Truly, truly, truly outrageous!! Yeah, lowest hanging fruit and all that. We already have a ReAction Jem, but I'm thinking 1:10 Scale figures of Jem, The Holograms, The Misfits, etc. It's all about crossover displays. Having The Joes fight Cobra while Jem is having a battle of the bands against Cold Slither... or the Power Rangers battling a single Putty Patroller (those Truly truly truly outrageous Super7 prices) at a Jem Concert... or April O'Neil interviewing Eric Raymond about the multiple criminal acts from the band he manages, The Misfits...

Yes, this is part of My ploy to get more civilian characters for Action themed lines. Sadly, Super7 and their prices aren't customizer friendly. I just barely got Mumm-Ra after 2 years of waiting. Also with the delays from order to arrival, one can lose the will to make a custom. But back to Jem: The line would be a basic Ultimates line multiple heads, hands and accessories based on the show. 

For a First Wave I would do a Jem, obviously. Pizazz, Kimber, and Stormer.

Wave 2 would be Jerrica, Riot, Roxy, and Synergy

Wave 3 would be Aja, Rio, Eric Raymond, and Minx

Wave 4 would be Raya, Shana, Jetta and Rapture

Wave 5 would be the beginning of the leftovers and variants (Techrat, Zipper, etc.) I could fit those two on 2 waves, but I'm against 5 figure waves at Super7's prices.

I tried to split the bands the best I could so no band would be complete before the 4th wave. The idea was to get the most core roster by the end of wave 4. Mostly, because the way Super7 is making the figures is unlikely to sustain long lines.

Crazy idea, each figure that sings in a band, gets an extra head with GITD Hair and GITD Make-up...

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