Apr 24, 2022

TMNT Shredder's revenge is a love letter to TMNT games

 Now with OG Turtle voices. Dotemu released a video of the first 2 stages of the game. The first two bosses being Bebop on stage 1 and Rocksteady on stage 2.

I noticed a few things. The turtles have moves and poses that reference the cartoon. They have OG TOON voices... sadly Shredder's is missing, since James Avery is

Somewhere in heaven. (Wonder how disappointed on Will he is right now...)

The first stage is in Channel 6... April's workplace... compared to the OG arcade game, where the first stage is April's Apartment building. The second stage is down the streets and ends at a garage/scrapyard... the second stage on the OG arcade game is down the streers and ends up at a garage/scrapyard...

They are making a callback to the first 2 levels of the Arcade game, but with a couple of twists. The most obvious one is the boss swap.

Another funny callback is that stage 2 is called:
Big Apple 3 PM... TMNT: TiT has Big Apple 3 AM as its first stage.

NECA, Super7, if you're reading this, Bebop in a suit, make it happen.

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