Apr 21, 2022

Top 10 Marvel Legends that won't show up soon... that aren't Mephisto...

 Or Hate Monger, because an Action Figure of Hitler is waaaaay uncool. I'm going to go for a few odd choices that may be obscure, dumb, or simply weird looking:

Will O' the Wisp
Classic D-List Spidey Villain. While he used rather easy to make, just a new head on a standard body. Maybe adding a second set of hands and head in clear plastic with flecks of glow-in-the-dark plastic to stimulate his dissipating effect. It has been avoided like the plague by Hasbro.  

The Spot
Yes another Spider-Man villain that is easy to make, but somehow he never makes it.

It's a combination Beast, Cyclops and Angel, but with a few more powers. Throughout the years, there have been a few customs of him, but no official figure. He's  here becaise he's an amalgamation and usually those don't do well outside of Mattel's MOTU.

It's a cow bitten by Dracula, she even teamed up with Deadpool. The reason she wouldn't be made is that she's a cow... with no parts reuse.

The Whizzer:
He's an easy figure to make, but his name kinda makes it hard to take seriously.

He's a NAZI made of Bees! Also, his sculpt while awesome it could scare Hasbro becauase of NAZI zombie Bee Man.

Sin Eater:
While he COULD be made, a shotgunless Sin Eater is like a dickless Ron Jeremy. Stupid toy gun ban.

While he's easy to make, I don't think he would be made due to his powers being a sexual harassment suit. Not to mention how well receoved were those Eternals figures.

The Russian:
Of course, the Version I'm talking about is the possibly Trans Offensive revived Russian. We could get a first version of him, but I don't see any Punisher related stuff coming especially with the gun ban on toys.

Looking like a cross between a jigsaw puzzle and Indian and Arabian stereotypes kinda makes this third rate Mysterio wannabe an unlikely figure.


Combo Man:
Obvious reasons why he isn't going to happen, but I thought it would be fun to mention.

I'm well aware, the list is slightly heavier on the Spidey side. Also it's kinda hard to think unlikely characters especially since Hasbro has gone out of their way to do some of them. Who would've thought that Squirrel Girl, Headpool, Frog-Man, Armadillo, and many others would've been made... I could've made this list a 20 Spider-Man characters having no chance in hell, but I added others for the sake of using Hellcow. The Great Lakes Avengers easily could've filled up this list as well...

But now that Toad lost his spot, I guess Power Pack, 90s Kaine and Avalanche have a chance.

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