Apr 1, 2022

Marvel legends list part 4: everything else

 I hadn't forgotten about the conclusion to my 2022 most wanted lists.

Part 1 was Spider-Man 

Part 2 had Mutants

Part 3 needed Avengers 

Part 4 tackles the rest: odd teams like Power Pack, Midnight Sons, Defenders, Thunderbolts, Frightful Four, just to namedrop some teams that aren't Fantastic Four.

Spots 1-4 are Power Pack: I've already mentioned multiple times using the Pizza spidey body, the Spider-girl body, the Ultimate Spidey Body and the new body to be shared with various figures from Gabby Kinney, to Valeria Richards, or Annna May Parker to Katie Power.

Frightful Four Sandman:
I know it almost feels like cheating.
But I want to recreate this scene. The next figure is also spotted in the pic.

Personally I prefer the 90s Masked look, but as long as it's not the Paste Pot Pete outfit...

One of the Original Thunderbolts. SINCE we technically have already 3 of the original Thunderbolts, I thought why not finish the original team... even if they aren't in era appropriate suits.

See Atlas above. It would be nice to have them all in their era appropriate suits, but right now any suit is faor game.

The Wizard:
No, not that one... I'm talking about the Leader of the Frightful Four.

Dan Ketch Ghost Rider:
He would be a Legendary Rider release with his bitching Motorcycle... mostly because I need an excuse to replace the ToyBiz Ketch.

His bitching bike is reason enough... Another Legendary Rider with ties to the Midnight Sons.

Technically speaking, the Forst iteration of the Defenders is complete. Clea is a supporting character for Doctor Strange and a member of The Defenders. She is one of the few early 70s members who isn't Avengers related or have a controversial name that might scare Karens (I'm talking about the Son of Satan).

Valeria Richards:
I already mentioned the Tween buck on the Power Pack section. I chose this pic because the outfit matches the Super Skrull wave F4.

Franklin Richards:
Same reason Valeria is here. He should use the Ultimate Spidey Body. Also toss in a second blond Franlkin head. (I hate the black haired look)

Psi-Lord (Earth-982):
Since I have tossed a couple of MC2 folks, trying to assemble the F5 is not an outlandish move. Toss in a Big Brain mini figure...
Based on HERBIE with a new head... the BB 2.0 could be released with another member of the F5 (Ben or Lyja)

Lyja Storm: (Earth-982)
She was chosen over Ben because of part reuse. and to be able to toss in a Small figure of Big Brain 2.0 to the mix.

It's an armor from the comics... but mostly a tribute to the Mattel toyline... (it could be a nice way for Hasbro to rerelease some figures in curious repaints/kitbashes... like Black claws Wolverine, sunburnt ripped Doc Ock, etc.)

Baron Mordo: (classic look)
We NEED A Baron Mordo that isn't the bad dude from Serenity.

I want to complete the Marvel Superheroes Roster.

See Shuma-Gorath above... would prefer something close to BAF size tbh...

There you have 20 of Everything else... let's see what we have for Honorable Mentions

This is a rather easy figure to make. All we need is new biceps with rolled up coat sleeves, new head, and slip on bracers... Some of those parts could be reused in combination with Morlun's hands to make a Spider-Man TAS Morbius...

He's been showing up a bit too much recently, so he NEED to get a figure... mostly because Super7 makes 1:10 figures and not 1:12 like  Hasbro.

Wong (comic book version):
He's needed, period. He's been in a few teams besides Dr. Strange...

Golden Oldie:
Yes, I know this is May Parker, but it was due to Franklin Richards that she became a herald of Galactus and she fed him Twinkies until she found someone who could make Planet sized Twinkies for Galactus. Literally reusing the Frankie Raye Nova body with a new head.

Johnny Blaze:
I mean the human version of Blaze that ran around with a Shotgun that shoots Hellfire blasts.

Bike is not mandatory, especially if he has a trenchcoat.

Ben Grimm (Earth-982)
While he could reuse SOME Ben parts, he needs a couple new pieces. Again, trying to complete the F5 for the MC2 displays.

This one would be Hasbro Pulse exclusive for obvious reasons. Personally, I'd Like for him to be Dormammu BAF sized. Maybe tossing a second head with his more Blackheart-like form.

Howard the Duck:
We need a better howard than what ToyBiz gave us... hell even the Hasbro SDCC 2016 Howard was WORSE than ToyBiz. We need a FULLY Articulated Howard the Duck. Since he's "too small to sell on his own" have him in a 2 pack with a more articulated Spider-Ham. Before more casual readers ask, they did have a Team-up.

I mostly want her because of Marvel Superheroes and she pops up on a victpry pose for Thanos. Maybe part of a 2 pack with Death... because Thanos.

The final figure for this list was staring me right in the face when I mentioned the beyonder armor Doctor Doom!! He would be the crowning achievement of a secret Wars display.

I guess that's pretty much it for Marvel Legends. I don't think I had needs to make a comprehensive set of lists until 2023.

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