Nov 2, 2010

Odds and ends Nov. 2 Edition

I needed to clear my thoughts from Twilight, Candies and other stuff so enjoy some things from the web.

She-Ra's theme has always been better than He-Man.

Turtely Awesome! Come on, don't tell me that an actual KRANG in his android body costume with a WORKING KRANG THAT MOVES AND TALKS isn't awesome...

Speaking of Aaaawwwweeesssoooommmeee! The Miz vs. Pee-Wee Herman... (knowing about Pee-Wee's famous wrist; it's a bit weird seeing people shaking hands with him...) Come on! It's The Miz vs. Pee-Wee freaking Herman!! what's NOT to love!?
3:01 part of the video is either extremely awesome or weird product placement.

Hookay! Now Dentists are buying Post-Halloween Candy to support our troops!? They want to save the kids from cavities, by rotting the teeth of the soldiers in the middle of the battlefield!?
Yeah! That's real smart... But at least the kids can make some money!

You thought that was weird... Wait till you read this: Read it?
Now what do you think?
I can understand suing the kid's parents, but SUING THE KID!? Now that's ruthless.
Funny that there is no mention of the COD of the old lady. Was it due to the kid hitting her a couple of years ago? Was it due to something else? Idiocy at it's best.

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