Nov 8, 2010

Miley Cyrus: Action Movie Star?

Sweet niblets! Miley Cyrus starring in an action movie... Just try to picture Hannah Montana in an action movie... Imagining Miley as Tony Montana in Scarface's final scenes does not count...
That's almost like having Betty White cursing.
Wait a minute, did I just hear Betty White right? OK if Betty White can swear and be evil Why can't Miley be an action Movie Star? Two words: Hannah Montana.
It'll be a long time until Miley can get rid of Hannah. It doesn't help that she's been going at it the wrong way. THIS should've been the starting point of OPERATION KILL HANNAH.
It's an action comedy. Miley will be playing a Private Eye and the FBI hires her to be their undercover agent in a Sorority. So the plot kinda reminds me of Miss Congeniality, but with a college sorority instead of a beauty pageant. I smell a "Fish out of Water" type of movie. It seems that Miley's mom is one of the producers of this film... No Billy Ray involved?

Only time will tell if this is a great move for Miley or not. As long as she doesn't go Britney she might be OK.

I still would like to see a Scarface parody with Miley.

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