Nov 12, 2010

Apparently Hannah Montana is NOT over!

Saw the one Hour "Looks like a series finale" Hannah Montana Special after I missed it on Disney Channel. Thanks internet! Kinda wished I could've seen it on TV though. I checked on the Internet Movie Database and apparently there are 4 more Episodes of Hannah Montana left. I feel ripped off!

Let's move on, shall we?

This is another 1 hour special like "He Could Be The One" with musical intermissions by the chorus. (Jackson and Rico... This time they added Sienna, Jackson's girlfriend who happens to be a...)
To quote Jackson Rod Stewart, due to a lack of Youtube video of him saying it:
"B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-bikini model.
Kinda makes it worse, since Sienna is THE MOST UNLIKABLE HM character EVER.
I think this is the ONLY good Sienna scene from Hannah Montana Forever and it's non-canon. This is one of the musical intermissions I spoke about.

Ok, The Episode starts with Miley trying to figure out how she's gonna tell Jesse (her current beau, also the other guy from "He Could Be The One") Long Story short Jesse had figured it out on his own. (due to the Special, "Salute the troops" episode) Once again the Hannah Secret screws Miley's life. Jesse and Miley fight. Now Miley ponders if revealing herself to the world is worth it...

But wasn't that the plot of The Movie?

It was a similar plot, thus making the episode feel redundant. The Miley is going to college
subplot helped the episode to feel a tad different from The Movie.

Obvious Spoiler alert! Obvious Spoiler Alert!
Miley reveals the secret nationwide.
Obvious Spoiler alert! Obvious Spoiler Alert!

If you're reading this you already know the spoiler. Which is pretty obvious....

This reveal lost it's effect since Miley has already revealed her secret one too many times...
Especially to her WHOLE HOMETOWN (There have been a couple episodes in HM Season 3 and HM Forever that have made reference to this.)

The Episode did make an emphasis on how much EVERYONE sacrifices everything for Miley, no matter how bitchy she is with them.

Now that I think about it, by Killing Hannah, Miley also killed Lola Luftnagle... Lilly's alterego that according to Miley/Hannah NO ONE cares about... I wonder how the next episodes will deal with the aftermath of The Assassination of Hannah Montana (and Lola Luftnagle... See Miley, I care about Lola... Oh yeah! In the HM universe I'm non-existent...)

I did find a couple of things that bothered me:
-Jackson not a part of the story: Jackson, Miley's brother, who practically gives EVERYTHING to protect the Secret... (Except with Sienna) Jackson WAS linked as one of Hannah's love interests in a similar manner to what happened with Jesse. I promise I won't make any incest jokes about Jacksannah)
- Lack of Oliver: I know this was mostly because Mitchell Musso was busy filming his new series Pair of Kings and possibly doing some Phineas and Ferb voice work. Still he was one of the few who KNEW Hannah's Secret.
-The reveal itself... Had the movie never existed this would've been shocking; but then again Miley has a LONG list of people who know the secret:
Lilly, Oliver,(Probably his parents know), Roxy, Fermine (Her costume designer from Season 1), Heather (Lilly's Mom), The Rock, Jake, Sienna, Jesse, Miley's family (Jackson, Robbie Ray, Both of Miley's grandmothers, her evil cousin Luanne, Uncle Earl), Dolly Parton, Officer Diaria (The Officer who arrested Miley for driving without a license),Officer Diaria's daughter, and the entire Town of Crowley Corners.
Still that's a lot of people knowing THE SECRET!!
-Most of the intermissions were meh...
-Lack of reactions from People who KNEW Miley, yet never suspected that she WAS Hannah.

Now I'll have to wait for the other episodes to see how this ends... IF the episodes are real.

On an partially unrelated note The dorky guy with the Glasses... Jason Earles.
Photo of Tad Hilgenbrinck from American Pie: Band Camp (2005) with Jason Earles, Jun Hee Lee, Omar Benson Miller
Hopefully He'll be able to shake off the Hannah Montana's Brother thing as good as he shook off the dorky image from American Pie Presents: Band Camp

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