Nov 4, 2010

Odds and ends Snarf! Snarf! Nov.4-Nov. 7 2010

Snarf! Snarf! That's all you'll be hearing Snarf say in the new Thundercats cartoon!

Basically Snarf has been reduced from Lion-O's nanny to a frigging Pikachu!
That's just Snarfing Petarded! I know Snarf is annoying, but come on! Snarf is now a pet. Might as well not have added Snarf if they were going to take everything that makes Snarf... well Snarf!

Holy Ironman rip-off, Batman! Bats is playing the Ironman card. "I've been funding Batman for years!" Brucie, old chum, you ain't fooling anyone. The whole I'm not Batman but he's in my payroll schtick sucks. Now Batman is going Global! How long until Bruce has to return as Batman in order to stop a renegade Batman? Didn't Grant Morrison (The writer for this story) try that with X-Men already?

Awww! that's so cute! Widdle Miwey Cywus wants to have her famiwy together for her 18th birthday! Former Wig Wearing Secret Popstar that is now a beast that can't be tamed SAY WHAT!?

Straight from the Miley's mouth. I just have one question: What's with the dot thingie on her forehead!? Is she like from India? Cause I thought she was from Tennessee.

Enough Miley time... I missed Hannah Montana Forever's ending. (Plot seemed Similar to Hannah Montana: The movie. If I find a way to see it I might review it.)

Speaking of things that come to an end: Spectacular Spider-man is done... canned... Stupid Disney! Instead they'll be doing a show based on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN!!
Ok so let me get this straight. They cancel a show with a High-Schooler Peter Parker to have ANOTHER SHOW with a High-Schooler Peter Parker!?
Not exactly... While it might have a Teenaged Spidey. The show seems to be a Marvel Team-Up animated... They're in NO WAY ripping off certain DC Animated Show...

Farewell Spectacular Spider-Man! You will be missed. Hopefully Spidey the Brave and the Bold will not suck... or have Spidey voiced by Will Friedle... (Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World... The idiot who makes the Feeny call... Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond, or Blue Beetle in Batman The Brave and the Bold.)

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