Jan 6, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: paint it purple and add tech bits to it please?

Not mine
Or reuse her for Dino Riders!
I am of course talking about the Colossal T-REX from Jurassic World! She was supposed to be the ending  Last year's Advent Calendar... but she was not ready at the time.

She's Huge! Im talking longer than Grayskull... the Castle, not the King. He's way bigger than I thought.

My plan was to customize the heck out of it to make a Tyrantisaur... Now I'm not sure. Let's get cracking!

This Creature is NOT super articulated. Mouth, rotating pin on shoulders, legs, ankles and a weird hinge joint on his tail. Do I count the hinge on the stomach to remove the eaten items?

Paint and sculpt:
Look at it! It's a Gigantic T-REX!!
What else can I say about it? I've never seen a T-REX in real life, so I don't know what thwu look like.
But it looks like the Iconic Jurassic Parl T-REX!

The T-REX gets a 4.0 as her final score. She kicks so much butt despite the limited Articulation. Look at it next to He-Man... This is amazing... shame that Mattel isn't doing MOTUC anymore...

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