Jan 14, 2019

Brolly: The rant *spoilers*

saw DBS Brolly yesterday. I'm torn about it. While I haven't seen the entire DBS, I was up to speed with certain events. The previous Brolly OVAs seem to no longer be canon... or as canonical as those OVAs can be, which is not much.
What I'm saying is that they retconned the living daylights out of Brolly. He is not triggered by Kakarotto. In fact, this new Brolly has a bit of backstory that almost makes you sympathetic towards Brolly... I will go into spoilers after the jump.

So Brolly is kind of a kinder Brolly, that can be susceptible to mood swings. He is still a tool of Paragus to become an instrument of revenge towards the Saiyajin Royal Family.

He ends up being used as a tool for Freezer's revenge against the Z Warriors. Heck! Krillin's cameo is a flashback to how his death triggered Goku's transformation.

And everything else is literally the same thing as every other DBZ movie... shouting matches,  fast action that can't be seen by the naked eye, epic mass destruction of landscape, power ups, and a bullshit ending to the battle.
Here the day is saved by a green skinned younger Bulma look-alike... and Goku is trying to become friends with Brolly.

But, I'm not going to lie... Despite being more of the same, I ENJOYED EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT!!

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