Jan 15, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: I did not hit her! ohai Thor!

Marvel Legends and Domestic Violence for 500, Alex!

This insect them-

Who is Hank Pym?

Yes, Hank Pym, the Original Ant Man...
One of the founding members of the Avengers reduced to a Domestic Violence reference. That's why the MCU shied away from Pym and used Scott Lang as Antman.

Janet Van Dyne, wife of Hank Pym and victim of domestic violence is the Original Wasp. Since the MCU shied away from Pym as  Antman, Van Dyne suffered the same fate. Hence the Scott and Hope thing.

Pym is on the Pizza Spidey body, which means he has all the Hasbro Marvel Legends articulation, minus boot cut, but in its place he gets butterfly pectoral articulation... great for domestic violence poses. Yes, I'm beating this dead horse worse than Pym beat Janet...

Janet on the other hand is on the standard female body except the torso, which has wing holes to plug in the wings.

Paint and sculpt:
It's the little details that make them pop. In Hank's case, the added belt and Helmet help disguise the Spidey body.
For Janet the wings do a Marvelous job of distracting me to forget the fact that she's mega vanilla. Holy shit! Her face is Domino's repainted! Well played Hasbro...
Unfortunately bith figures have some slight slop issues.

They have each other... Antman has a tiny Wasp and viceversa.

Pym fares a bit better with a 4.5 compared to Janet's 4.33.
The problem still lies on female figures having worse articulation than the males.

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