Jun 19, 2020

I don't get SONY...

On one hand, they've been hellbent in censoring Japanese Developed games. Cleavage and panty-shots are bad, groping is worse... but only if it's from Japan. If it's made in the west, it's A-OK!
In The Last of Us 2 there is a VERY GRAPHIC SCENE in which Abby is arguing with some dude. The discussion escalates and they're grabbing each othwr angrily, turning into a disrobing where the guy overpowers her and turns her around to raw dog her from behind.

Why isn't THAT Censored? Huh? 2D characters im swimsuits get more lensflare than a JJ Abrams movie, but this isn't?
I'm not advocating for censorship. I'm advocating for EQUAL STANDARDS. Either, you CENSOR ALL, or even better, CENSOR NONE!! There is a reason why we have a Ratings system... to avoid censorship and allow games to play as their creatora intended... When Censorship king, Nintendo is NOT censoring content that YOU ARE, you screwed up, big time.

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