Jun 14, 2020

Mousers, a TMNT rant:

We never get enough of them... The closest we got was for the 2012 toon... where we got 7 with different colors.
Well, We Know Super7 has a Mouser ready with their Baxter. Well how about releasing a bunch of them. Seriously, I would pay $45-$60 for 10+ Mousers.

I don't know if NECA still has the Mousers from their Mirage TMNT... but they have Roadkill Rodney from the Toon... Ooh! I'd like to see a pack like their 2008 Mousers, but for Roadkill Rodney... also Mousers... No TMNT line is complete without them... PK, maybe 90s movies didn't have them, but I'm talking about the continuities that DID have them.

My point is: Mousers are used to swarm their prey. You can't swarm with a single mouser... or 3. That's why I'm asking for enough Mousers to swarm at least 2 Turtles. Heck, these and the Foot Soldiers should be a bit more available in order to truly have a Foot Clan worthy of being The Foot.

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