Jun 18, 2020

Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben a rant...

Due to recent events, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben will die.
The question is WHY MUST THEY DIE?
The short answer is Racism is bad.
The longer answer is a lot less wholesome.

Cancel culture is stupid. They put people and brands under a purity test that would be impossible to pass.
Sonic the Hedgehog movie is now threatened by Cancel Culture because James Mardsen plays a cop in the movie.
Paw Patrol was threatened because Chase is a police dog.
Spider-Man for PS4 was threatened because of the Spider-Cop gag AND Pro-Police stance by Spidey. Hell, even Dominos was threatened because in 2012 they thanked a customer for saying that NYC pizza is inferior to Dominos. That lady is now Teump's current Press Secretary.
This is ridiculous: a tweet from 8 years ago... that's 4 years before Donald Trump was President... How in the actual Hell they expect Dominos to react?
"Fuck your compliment because in 7.5 years you will be Donal Teump's Press Secretary!"
Might as well Boycott Pizza Hut:

And McD:

How about Pepsi?

Are these Brands tainted as well because a long time ago they used Donald Trump to promote themselves?
Are we cancelling Volkswagen, because of its ties to Nazi Germany? These impassable pirity tests are a load of crap!

Removing the image of Jemima and Uncle Ben DOES NOTHING for the fight against racism. It's simply optics. This males the companies LOOK LIKE THEY'RE DOING SOMETHING WITHOUT THEM ACTUALLY DOING ANYTHING.
What helps fight racism more? Removing a mascot and rebranding? Or donating a percentage of profits to families of victims who were targeted by police becaise of racism?

This is a hollow gesture by the companies to look good abd be trendy. So, TO ME it's not so much that they are eliminating Jemima and Uncle Ben. It's people acting like this is a "SIGNIFICANT VICTORY", when it's not.

Y'all made Peter Parker cry!!

Going to ridiculius Neopuritan extremes will repel people... fight the fights that matter

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