Jun 12, 2020

Top figures that could use "Ultimates treatment" if it wasn't for other companies making toys of them.

This list is a little peculiar, because it involves toys from other companies, or are licensed to other companies that would be cool to see in Super7's "Ultimates Style".
And, no, this is not a not so subtle way to beg for more MOTUC... OR UMOTU...

Marvel Superheroes:
We all know that Hasbro has the Marvel License, but think about it: 16 figures based on Marvel Characters made in MOTUC styled bodies. Hulk would be Ram Man sized, Sabretooth would be Movie He-Man sized Spidey would be Modulok sized, etc.

DC Superheroes:
We already have the Dark Knight Returns Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman and they were great in the classics bodies... but those aren't exactly the most iconic versions of them. And let's face it, Todd's toys aren't that great.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:
 IT was actually Power Rangers the cause for this rant. The 7in Bandai Rangers look very wimpy compared to Masters of the Universe classics. And the Hasbro lightning collection is way too small.

GI Joe:
There have been a few CUSTOM Joes made out of MOTUC. I have to admit that some of them looked pretty radical.

Star Wars:
I know it seems like I'm just picking Hasbro lines but the problem is that they practically have a monopoly on 70s and 80s childhood. And stay in Star Wars was one of the many influences for heymann I thought that having Star Wars characters in a human style line would be pretty badass... think of it as a reverse reaction line or a super articulated version of power of the force.

I know Todd made a Spawn kickstarter and all that, but let's be honest here: Todd's not exactly good at the superarticulation game.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power:
Mattel technically made toys... so did Super7, but both attempts were crappy.  What I want is Ultimates styled toys of this reboot I hate. I would buy them to be honest... but they would be the butt of many jokes in reviews, rants and general action figure photography.

Final Fantasy VII:
Now this would be a super fast sale for me. Having He-Man and Cloud teaming up against Skeletor and Sephiroth makes me tingle... a Ram Man sized Barret... oh myyy!

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