Jun 21, 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake series and the "weakening" of Sephiroth.

I'm making progress in Hard Mode... Just need to beat the Top Secret battle series so I can go on and beat the game.
Obviously, thoughts of the sequelS metaphorically kept me awake at night. I've already mentioned how the Midgar Sephiroth battle weakens Sephiroth as a character. I have also mention that the premature One-Winged Angel also weakens Sephiroth as a character. His godhood theme being used as a normal battle theme is BLASPHEMOUS!!

My issue is that in the TRUE Final Fantasy VII you don't face Sephiroth till the end.  Here he becomes a nuisance like the Turks in the grand scheme of things. How do you top a Sephiroth battle!?

Speculation points towards bringing back Genesis... not aure if possible due to the rumored Gackt/SquEnix beef. But if possible, it *could* reduce the overexposure of Sephiroth, while keeping the JENOVA powered antahonist theme. While I dread the LOVELESS sermons, Genesis, or  G-Cell powered clone could work as an antagonistic force.
Perhaps, it coukd be that JENOVA is using Genesis as a way to weaken Sephiroth's influence over the JENOVA powered beings. Genesis's interest in Cloud could be either due to the JENOVA in Cloud, or the Zack in Cloud. I'm well aware of how Kingdom Hearts-like this sound, but then again we have Team No-No working on this series.

We also have ROCHE... I know he's very annoying but he was criminally underused. He could actually work as a game 2 villain. Picture him just being pissed off at being defeated by Cloud twice I know he's hungry for a rematch. He becomes a nuisance by challenging Cloud to battles, until in one of those, his voice changes to that of either Genesis or Sephiroth. The motivation was very depending on which character is the one that possesses him. The possessed Roche wpuld be a lot tougher than the normal Roche battles, but it would reveal JENOVA's capabilities of possessing people beyond the tattooed men.

HOJO could be the villain in game 2, even if we don't face him directly. On the TRUE FINAL FANTASY VII, Hojo was always finding ways to push everyone into playing their part to strengthen Sephiroth. On FFVIIR: Nomura Excrementum Bovem, Hojo is a bit Cloud obsessed in his desire to strengthen Sephiroth. Why not have him go through harsher trials against Hojo's experiments...

But the final option is to NOT have a Sephiroth showdown....

No matter how we slice it, Square Enix made a huge mistake by prematurely releasing a Sephiroth Showdown. I wonder how they'll escape the corner they painted themselves into.

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