Jun 2, 2020

Sony delayed their PS5 reveal

Sony was supposed to reveal the PS5 this Thursday, but due to the current situation in the US, they chose to postpone it.
I'm not going to comment about the current events, because this is not the right place for serious topics.

With that said, I don't believe SONY was being altruistic in postponing the PS5 reveal. This is all a strategic move by SONY's marketing team. By postponing it, they avoid any potential backlash for being "insensitive" by promoting their products when the world is watching a huge tragedy in the US. Also, PS5 wouldn't be trending on Twitter as much.

I hope that these incidents end with the least amount of casualties possible. The Police in the US needs a huge reform after this. Especially in the areas of excessive force usage on minorities and removing the "bad cops".

African Americans are 13% of the population in the US.
Non-Hispanic whites are 60% of the population in the US.
Hispanics are 18% of the population in the US.

According to Statista, these are the numbers of people murdered by Police in the US:
When a group made of 13% of the Population has victims in numbers close enough to the group that is 60% of the Population, there MIGHT BE A HUGE Problem in the way Police treat African Americans compared to other groups.

Before anyone mentions "ThErE's MoRe WhItE pEoPlE gEtTiNg ShOt By PoLiCe", remember that by being a hyper majority, white people, by default should be the highest number of people shot by police. Let's use some concrete numbers: there were approx. 328.2 million people in the U.S. in 2019.
Whites would be approx. 196.9 million people
African Americans would be approx. 42.7 million people
Hispanics would be approx. 59.1 million people.

The number of whites killed compared to the approx. population in the US is: 0.00011273% of the population.
For African Americans the number is: 0.0000716% of the population. For Hispanics, who are more numerous than African Americans, the number is: 0.00004814% of the population.

Now how each of these groups would look when compared to their demographics.

Whites are 196.9 million so, that would mean the number of people shot by police is 0.00018791% of white people.
Now for African Americans this number is 0.00055035% of Black people.
Hispanics are 0.00026734% of the Latino population.

While, yes, there are more white people shot by police IN GENERAL, when compared to each group, there is a heavier disproportion unfavorable to Hispanics and Especially African Americans. And THAT is way messed up!

Like I said earlier, I hope these incidents end with the least amount of victims as possible and that the Police can make enough changes to remove the bad apples and that the "killed while minority" cases are reduced to a minimum... or at least proportionately smaller than the "killed while white" cases.

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