Jun 9, 2020

JK Rowling: a rant

A couple of days ago, JK Rowling made a series of tweets that could be considered Transphobic, and people are angry at her for that. I'm not gonna be touching that part of the backlash. I'm going to touch the 21-years too late complaints about Cho Chang. For some reason, people are NOW OUTRAGED AT THE NAME CHO CHANG! They're claiming it's racist as hell... 21-ish years too late, I might add. You can't apply 2020 values to something written in 1998 and published in 1999. And one could argue that using 2 last names as a whole name is a bit racist, but then again, Westeners have similar combinations: The names Leslie, Parker, Reilly, and many others CAN BE either first name or Last name... so, a Reilly Parker, or a Parker Leslie are full names made from 2 last names.  I also forgot to mention that these three names are used as an example I'm not necessarily tied to a single gender... What can you expect frome someone who names a secondary character: Longbottom... I guess Hugeass was a bit too crass.

 But let's face it, this is just people looking for something to be outraged at JK Rowling aside her transphobic tweets. This is literally a witch hunt. Wanna be outraged at Rowling? Go ahead and use her current tweets, but tryimg to be outraged for a minor character having "a racist name" 21 years ago is a bit too much...
My only gripe with her name is that it sounds like the Puerto Rican slang for pussy. Now had she named her something else, like say: Hua Long (or Long Hua using the Asian naming conventions) people would complain becaise her name is Dragon Flower... and that's racist because Asians, Dragons and stuff. People are just looking for ways to "cancel people". Like getting the dude who plays Elongated Man on CW's Flash for some shitposting he did on twitter 8 years ago. There are people with more recent screw-ups that people could whine about, yet these folks are digging into people's pasts in order to pass some impossible to pass purity tests...

Hell, even huge darling, Hugh Jackman can't be safe from the massive outrage... but at least his "wrongthink" was recent.  If I was a gambling man, I'd pretty much win the bet that the people putting celebrities through these purity tests wouldn't pass their own test.

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