Jun 12, 2020

PS5 has been revealed and stuff...

The PS5 has been finally revealed and... I'm underwhelmed by the design... it looks stupid... Not XBox Series X knifeblock stupid, but snobbish art student making a retrofuturistic building design into a console. And the fins remind me of Wolverine in a bad way...
Yes, I'm bitching about aesthetics... I'm well aware that I will most likely buy one.

This is a reason why I'll get one... the other is FFVIIRII.
I'm not a fan of XBox's current exclusive franchises...

Another Port of Grand Theft Auto V will hit PlayStation 5... yay... probably with zero story mode updates...

And Cancel Culture stupidity is becoming ridiculous.
Splash Mountain is now a target, because it has characters from the ALREADY BANNED MOVIE Song of the South.
Gone With The Wind has been Temporarily removed from HBO Max because of the film's setting. It will bbe eventually reuploaded with discussions.
Even the Duke boys aren't safe from Cancel Culture. I'm guessing the car is to blame.
Heck, even Country band Lady Antebellum had a name change in order to avoid the eventual cancellation, because of the word Antebellum... which literally means Before War, but REEEEE! And all that.
I understand Cancelling Cops... Inner Circle must be crying right now.

But some slacktivists are taking things to extremes. HBO's idea of adding discussions about the themes, setting, etc. in relationship to Gone with the Wind seems like a great idea. But the whole injecting 2020 values to older works is an unfair assessment of said works. The "super racist 1939 movie" had the first Black Actress to win an Academy Award. Hattie McDaniel won it for Gone with the Wind. Clark Gable even fought to have McDaniel attend the premiere to the point of threatening to boycott the premiere... in Segregated Atlanta in 1939. I don't necessarily agree with the removal of GwtW, but I can understand it. I honestly don't get the potential removal of the Dukes of Hazzard.

Oooooh! A joke already made in 2005. Also, I recall some issues in 2015... Here I thought the possible ban was for being a show promoting criminal activity, but no. It's the Flag. This erasure of bad historical events reminds me of something...

Update: THEY are going after freaking Paw Patrol now. This is going beyond ridiculous.

Oh no... the Beyonce as Storm Rumors are circling the web again... I thought this rumor was nipped in the bud already. Now the rumor has been stamped out as a rumor. Hopefully it will remain dead and buried
I don't have an issue with Beyonce, the singer... Beyonce, the actor, on the other hand... let's say that her paygrade is higher than her skills. Personally, I'd hire an unknown for Storm... and most of the X-Men, but that's just me.

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