Jun 25, 2020

Super7 turtles wave 3 pics leaked by BBTS: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE APRIL

Dayum! April looks way too vintage... and it's not a good thing.
I'm starting with Mikey. He's well, Mikey. Hoping the second set of chucks are with real chains, otherwise we'll have the broken chucks of vintage in 2021. Judging by the turtle grappling hook there, it might get real rope. Hopefully it'll be a decent amount and not the joke amount of rope from SH Figuarts Mikey.

Metalhead looks neat! I wonder if he'll have the light piping feature. Will he get an extra head with it if he doesnt? Or viceversa? I like the finger hentaicle hand...
I know what I wrote!!

There isn't much to say here. They nailed the Toy Rocksteady. I can't honestly find any nits to pick...

Now we have April. Seems she's based on her v2 look, which was a slight repaint of v1 but Good god! That headsculpt is Ug-Lee!! A v3, Orange and blue April inspired headsculpt would be an excellent addition.

You have until July 26th to order.

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