Jun 11, 2020

Top Non-New Adventures of He-Man Figures I WISH we had gotten in MOTUC.

I've been thinking, with Super7 having a "Monopoly" on the MOTUC Styled bodies, and their ability to not have as many "factory errors" escape from China as Mattel did, might mean that MOTUC styled Customs might be a thing of the past. With Mattel focusing on the origins line, and an alleged shaky relationship with Universal (probably related to Noelle Stevenson's pop cultural appropriation of She-Ra.) My collection will have the following gaps.
The reason I exclude New Adventures of He-Man toyline characters is because Mattel never intended for us to complete that era. And Super7 is VERY Filmation oriented. I mentioned specifically the toy characters because I'm going to put Master Sebrian on the list and it's because he's a character from the cartoon... because this list is pretty much characters from other media instead of the Toylines.

It's not a MOTUC wishlist at the House of Rants if Melaktha isn't in it. I'm getting him out of the way since he's my Most Wanted filmation character. Ever since I was a kid I always wondered why we never got a toy of him. I was highly disappointed when he was skipped over for Nepthu, king of the Turds. But to be fair pretty much every other filmation character would cost the same outrage.
But there is hope... Eternal Customs has made various Filmation styled heads for your MOTUC and Vintage figures... They have Melaktha heads available!! I can Customize one!!

Warrior King Miro:
I already have a filmation inspired King Miro things to I bent my man thing's Filmation Miro head and a spare Filmation Randor.  But the 200x version is more toyetic.

We never had a sort of medic type character in Masters of the Universe. Pretty much every other big brand has them Transformers, GI Joe, Star Wars, Etc. He was one of the few additions from the DC eternity War era Comics that I liked.

Master Sebrian:
I DID say he was going to be on the list. But his inclusion is mainly due to the difficulty of making a custom figure of him with the standard Masters of the Universe Classics bodies. He an important character from the new adventures cartoon and he played a part in the Neitlichverse, so I have to add him.

He's here because of Dare. Every He-Man needs his Skeletor. I don't like the character, but for the sake of balance, I need him.

Etherian Rebel Josh:
Another House of Rants favorite. While he is theoretically easy to customize, I would've liked an official one.

The post Eternity War He-Men and women:
You can see the female Thunderpunch, Flying Fists, the new Battle armor and Laser Power He-Men and women. Screw He-Sqwinch! And the anthro Battle Cat too!

Alas, it's a bit sad we won't be able to get these and many more... but at least we can have a Melaktha!! Yes, this whole rant was a sneaky free promo for the Melaktha head!

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