Jun 15, 2020

Accessory Packs for Super7 Ultimates:

This rant is more oriented towards TMNT and Thundercats lines, but it could be applied to, say Conan and other lines where applicable.

We got a small taste of Accessory packs with the TO THE DEATH!! Set for comic book Conan. How about delivering Extra stuff that didn't make it to the already packed Ultimate figures. These wouldn't have to be simple repaints like the Mattel Weapon paks for He-Man. I'm  talking things like:
Sword of Omens: Sight beyond Sight mode, Claw shield firing the grappling ropes/chain, clip on energy effect for the Sword of Omens to look like Lion-o is summoning the Thundercats... just to mention some Lion-o specific stuff.
For TMNT, we could say:
Oroku Saki head, Wacky Action Weapons,  maybe a Mouser or 2, ooze canisters, manhole covers, pizzas, etc.

For Movie Conan we could get a Vulture head, the Snake Thulsa Doom head, bloody weapons... just to mention a few things. The idea is to make the Ultimares ultimater... I know that's not a word...

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