Jun 16, 2020

Super7 is offering a new Arnie Conan...

And it's close to what I wanted in an Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan:

This Conan is very Barbarian looking and is in the attire for the iconic sword  pose... And he knows what's best in life:

This? Doesn't scream Iconic Conan compared to the one further above. Sure the accessories are Nifty but it just didn't scream Conan to me. In any case "Iconic" Conan is available until July 15th...

Crom, where is the Wizard Akiro? No... I wasn't thinking of doing Uncle Iroh references... I already have a Mako Splinter... so I was going to go with the Not Mr. Miyagi Mako references... you know from Sidekicks, thw best Karate Kid reboot ever made.

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