Jun 4, 2020

It came from the toy chest: He knows the Riddle of Steel.

Crom! The warrior from the Hyborean era is here. Conan the Barbarian, comic book version is here... it's true it's true! I won't be able to explain who Conan is, because my explanations would not do him justice. He's to Sword and Sorcery what Superman is to Superheroes. In its own way, Without Conan, there would be no He-Man... and no, this is not about the "Mattel Conan line rumor".
I tried fixing the pic, but for some reason it wants
to be sideways.

I mean without Conan becoming the "everlasting" Barbarian archetype, we wouldn't have gotten He-Man. So, when he was shown with the Stout Wave, I bought him on an impulse... Now, in hindsight, I can justify him in my shelves... Maybe that was the plan and with the delays, I forgot?
Knife fell off... Dammit!!

Since he's based on the MOTUC body, you should know what to expect. Sadly both of his head have restricted articulation do to the hair. Other than that his articulation is exactly the same as Dolph Lundgren... Whoa! I almost forgot. The knife on his belt seems to be removable on mine. If it's meant to be glued on, then that sucker will break while posing him. If it's not meant to be glued, then that knife is going to get lost so fast, it's not even funny. Lost it twice to shag carpet...
He-Man: Why is my sword red?
Conan: Mine does that after bathing it in the blood of my enemies...
He-Man: The What of your Who now?

Paint and sculpt 
The newly sculpted parts are pretty cool I love the bracers the sandals even the short-haired loincloth they look really good! The only issue I have with the sculpt is the hair that blocks the head articulation. But the paint job is what bothers me the most with Conan especially around the face. It almost looks like he's wearing makeup. I know the darker color is to simulate the Shadow from his brow but it looks bad.
Conan: Like I said, blood of enemies, red sword.
Filmation He-Man: Merry Christm... *violent vomiting sounds*
He-Man: Blood!? I think I'm going to throw up too!
Conan: Pussies...

Extra head, sword, spear, sheathed knife... then there's the sorry for the delays bloody sword and spear.
He-Dolph: Is that blood I smell?
Conan: *Schwarzenegger pain sounds*
He-Dolph: You made annoyingly chipper me puke, emo kid...
Conan: *still more Schwarzenegger yowling* my foot!

Conan gets a 4.33 as his final score. it's a pretty decent score but it should have been higher.  I think the few issues like the hair and knife blocking articulation and the weird eye shadow effect kinda hurt him a lot more than I expected.  Other than that he's a solid figure. Heck, he doesn't look as waxy as other action figures made by Super 7.
Now if we were to get Arnie... this
Pic would be 20% cooler...
And before anyone asks, here is the He-Man head on the Conan Body.

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