Jun 10, 2020

It came from the Toy Chest: Don Cheadle is War Machine...

Rhodey: Tony! Let me out!
Tony: Not until I finish
Drinking ny BFF!!
Rhodey: I'm NOT your BFF?
Tony: Sure you are...
Of the non-drinkable kind!
But the figure does not come with a Don Cheadle head. I'm talking about the Marvel Legends Avengers endgame War Machine figure from the smart Hulk build a figure wave. I had this figure for quite sometime I just didn't bother reviewing him don't ask me how long I've Had The Black Queen Emma Frost that it's still on package and unreviewed.

War machine is Tony Stark's bodyguard who eventually became Iron Man for a little while until Tony gave him his own armor the war machine armor. Or at least that's how it was in the comics. The MCU version well you'll have to see Iron Man 2 and well... it's not Iron Man 3 bad but it's still bad! So this figure is based on the MCU and he has this big by the bulky armor which was the main reason why I bought him. I wanted to have a war machine that looked quite different from the Iron Man I've already got. Yes I'm well aware of the comic book war machine that it's coming and I will most likely buy. Now if we could get a Modular armor Iron Man...
Rhodey: Kick, Punch, it's all in the mind!

Rhodey articulation that it's reminiscent of the female figures. The Hasbro elbow, instead of an ab crunch he has a torso ball joint and only keeps the gender neutral double jointed knees. I don't mind much due to his bulky nature. If he had been on  a slimmer Ironman type body, the articulation would have bothered.
Rhodey: Tony! There's a Capcom guy wanting to fight us!
Tony: I *hic* see him! I think that's Balrog!
Rhodey: Balrog's the Boxer...
Tony: No wait! *hic* Balrog is the claw guy... This is *hic* Vega!
Rhodey: Claw guy is Vega, Tone... This is M. Bison!
Tony: Nonononono, Rhodey! Bison is *hic* the Boxer guy...
Don't thay it too *hic* loud or Mr. Dream will come for your ear!
Rhodey: Don't you mean Mike Tyson?
Tony: That's SAGET! THAT'S THE GUY!! Yo, Saget! Where are Stamos
and Coulier?

Paint and sculpt 
 His Body is very detailed since it's based on a movie model. I haven't seen endgame in a while so I can not compare him to see if he is on model. I actually like the Vulcan s of him because it makes him look different enough from Stark. Paint jobs really need that combination of flats and metallics make in pop.
M.Bison: I'll surrender, but please shut Stark up!
Rhodey: This is gonna be a long night.

He comes with a shoulder cannon and 2 forearm guns.
 aside not having a second head or a removable faceplate he comes with the bare minimum needed for a war machine figure.

Rhodey gets a 4.5 as his final score and it's OK. The things that make him not reach a perfect score are small nitpicks and hang ups on my part.

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