May 9, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Oh no you di'int Hasbro...

You actually did it... you released Dazzler... Not just any version... I kinda expected the X-Men Arcade Version of Dazzler... (Here's a hint for an X-Men Exclusive pack...)

But no... Hasbro, you went bolder... you went FULL 70s and gave us DISCO DAZZLER... Minus the 70s Bush... There's no way to hide a 70s bush in those tight pants... And no, this isn't me being perverted or anything.
So, who is Dazzler? She's a member of the X-Men, Alison Blaire, who was a singer. Her power is basically making light out of sounds. She was part of a cross-promotion deal between Marvel and Casablanca Records. Dazzler's look is not based on a Time Traveling Taylor Swift... She's based on Bo Derek. So, Dazzler is Mutant Bo Derek with Proto-Jubilee Powers... and perennially stuck in the 70s, based on this iconic (or infamous) look.

Let's crack her open and see what she's all about!

Spidey twerks better than Dazzler
Her Articulation is pretty much similar to Black Cat's... and with all the limitations... well, she CAN look to the side... so that's a plus. The roller skates make her a bit of a pain in the neck to keep standing in a dynamic pose.

Paint and Sculpt:
She seems to be made out of many reused parts. That Torso is very likely to have seen some past usage with  a neck overlay to make it seem "new". There are a few new parts, but you get the idea that this isn't a 100% new sculpt item, like say the Warlock BAF.
Paintwise, I see no issues with her.

BAF Piece
Blast Effect
a Little bare bones after being spoiled by Donald Glover, and all the other Spidey MLs... Also, her blast fits MOTUC Figures... (If you have the Hasbro ML Scarlet Witch or one of the Hasbro Dr. Strange, then it's the same blast recolored)


Dazzler gets a 3.83 as her final score. It's not a bad score, but she needed something to be 20% cooler. I LOVE that it's the Disco Version... Now if we could get an Amazing Spider-Friends 3 Pack in 6 inches.

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