May 19, 2017

This isn't the crossover we need nor the one we deserve...

And it's not Batman related... The closest thing to Batman is that ONE of the people on this crossover played Jason Todd before... and some of the characters in this crossover have crossed paths with the Dark Knight Before...

So we take:

Then we mix it with:

and you get the most WTF crossover that the Scooby Gang has done so far... And they did Batman a few times and the Addams Family as well. then there's Jay and Silent Bob...

The Scooby Gang will be guest starring in a Supernatural Episode... Luckily for us that will be animated and not have the Scooby Gang in live action... See the Jay and Silent Bob clip, cause it's less painful than seeing the actual Scooby Doo Live Action movies!

Now that I think of it, it makes more sense to have a Supernatural crossover than say WWE... but still, what the heck man!?

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